Finding The Right Used Car Dealership

The choice of dealership is critical when shopping for a new car. The best used car dealership seeks to foster meaningful relationships with it’s clients.¬† Such a dealership attracts lifelong customers by offering services through every phase of the car buying experience, from the time the car is driven off the lot to maintenance years after the purchase. Positive relationships between businesses and customers benefit all involved.

In the days before Internet shopping , the dealers had a distinct advantage. They knew that the general public was less informed about the industry and comparative rates. Customers rarely had access to any information other than what price, someone they knew, might have paid for a car. Dealers and service shops were able to capitalize at the expense of unsuspecting clients for years. These unsavory practices influenced public perception of the business of selling and maintaining cars to the point where everyone involved in the industry was viewed in a less than flattering light . However, at present it is easy to differentiate between dubious dealerships and the trustworthy ones.

used car dealership

How To Find A Good Used Car Dealership

The business of selling cars is very competitive and many dealerships go out of business without making it past their first year. It would be wise to pay attention to how long the dealers have been in operation, as this might indicate how reliable they might be if any problems arise further down the road. Look for a well established dealership that has roots in community .

Checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB) web site for your state is a very good idea . The Bureau keeps records of customer complaints for up to 36 months and these records show if the complaint was resolved in accordance with BBB policies. Comparing the records of the dealerships from your area can be very revealing and can narrow down your choices considerably.

Reading several reviews is a good way to determine the quality of a dealership. Appearance is also another important factor. At a glance, it is usually quite easy to see how the staff operates which might reveal the pervading ethic within the organisation.  Serious dealerships pay special attention to their showroom and facilities, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience for customers. Trust your first impression , take a look around. The facilities should be clean, in good repair and orderly. The cars on the lot should look pristine.

Both sales and service staff should treat the customers with utmost respect. Contact Manly Honda for professional and courteous service.  We want to help you make the right investment.